About Us

Welcome to rocksolidfossils.  We've been in the fossil & gem business for several years now (we are located in Virginia Beach, VA).  We stock a variety of fossils, gems, and meteorites from different geological periods originating from different corners of the globe (including the United States, Canada, Argentina, Egypt, Morocco, Brazil, and Russia). 

We started out selling Megalodon teeth a few years ago and then gradually expanded our range of products to encompass other fossils as well as gemstones (both cut and uncut) amongst other natural relics.

Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mosasaurus, Megalodon, Enchodus, Otodus, and Triceratops fossils are just some of fossils we stock.

Some of the gems we stock include amethyst, citrine, sapphire, peridot, diamonds, emeralds, aquamarine, topaz, and fluorite as well as a variety of meteorites.

Our fossils and gems are 100% natural, genuine, and un-restored, unless otherwise specified in the listing description.

We also sell a line of realistic replica fossils, which are priced more affordably in comparison to our real fossils.

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